I Had To Go and View Achievements

I’ve unlocked a few achievements by performing certain actions in Minecraft, such as when I created my first pickaxe, or when I accidentally built the Crafting Table. After rejoining my game in progress, I opened the pause menu (ESC on keyboard) and decided to go ahead and see all the achievements by viewing the menu. Note that this is not something I normally do when playing a game for enjoyment; achievements usually contain major spoilers. When playing a game for work I always look at achievements first, as they usually provide a road map of game objectives. So be warned before reading, this post is full of spoilers! Continue reading

Fissure Exploration

Continuing work inside the great fissure discovered previously, I decided to reduce the number of accidents I was having (i.e., falling from thin ledges like a dumb ass)  by mining back the stone from the sides of the fissure, widening ledges. I also managed to erect some cobblestone bridges across the chasm, which allow me to search both sides of a massive lava falls that runs down the center of the area.

After mining an inventory chalk full of Coal, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Diamonds, Lapis Lazuli and Redstone Dust, I ventured too close to a waterfall in one of the deeper caves. Flowing water actually moves you around, which pushed me into a lava pool. I caught on fire and tried to hop out, but it seems that even though I was treading in water I remained on fire and quickly died. Continue reading

Hello World! (Minecraft World, That Is)

Maybe I’m late to the party, but I’ve finally learned to stop worrying and love Minecraft.

I decided to start a sub-site to describe my continuing adventures in playing this amazing game and pass along what I learn. I realize there are probably better and more complete Minecraft resources available on the net already. But I choose to ignore them all, enjoy exploring the game on my own, and share my adventures and the knowledge I gain purely by chance. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to do a blog site about one game for a while, and when Diablo III didn’t quite cut the mustard I figured Minecraft would be more suitable. Right now my blog title is pretty generic, but given time I’ll come up with a better one (site indexing be damned). Continue reading